Universal Music x Hennessy. All you need is who you are || The Buhars
Universal Music x Hennessy. All you need is who you are || Tamada
right side || in our blood
levi's || unleash your youth

Full-length documentary about nurses of so-called Kommunarka — the main Russian COVID-19 hospital. Dedicated to one year of the pandemic. TEFI-2021
Low-budget feature film about water problems in deserted southern regions of Russia.
Coming in 2022.
Student one-take short film.
The world of underground fights. One huge bet has been made. Fighters find out about the bet.
One Take FIlm Festival, Festival Alto Vicentino, etc.
Student short film.
A power outage turns an ordinary evening of a 30 year old couple into something long forgotten. Cannes SFC, Holy Ann Film Festival, etc.

I was born on 26 June, 1997.

After starting my education at VGIK, I moved to Saint Petersburg and attended to Vyacheslav Sorokin's directing workshop from 2015 to 2020.

During student ​years I've developed a strong interest towards visual part of cinema that eventually has led me to combining both directing and cinematography on most of my films. This ambidextrousity helped me to shoot a number of short films and became the foundation of my cinematic style.

At the age of 25 I have in my portfolio full-length documentary "Sisters", feature film "White Lake", TV-series pilot, more than 20 short films and the experience of working as head creative producer and head of directing department in one of the biggest Russian TV-channels.

My films won awards and were selected at many international festivals e.g. TEFI festival, Telly festival, Cannes SFC, Holy Ann Festival, Festival Alto Vicentino, One Take Film Festival, Josiah Film Festival, BAM! Festival.

Collaborated on commercial projects with such brands as Universal Music, Hennessy, Iqos, GQ, Visa, FC "Lokomotiv", etc.